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The building was constructed and put into operation in charge of the project will be drawn up in accordance with the terms established in full compliance with modern technology, will be used in the new European standards of quality materials. The visual part of the modern design fit akhalmsheneblobata norms. The building is located in…


Construction is made of modern technology in full compliance with high-quality materials, qualified engineers and builders, building, facing the modern waterproof and nestgaumtari materials, communications, water, drainage, electricity, gazmomaragebata, the device will be installed by highly qualified specialists, international standards, the main entrance will be arranged modern passenger and freight elevators.


Building, an apartment, which is convenient for customers to plan for every possible wish. Alma Ltd. strongly determines the validity of the company's principles. Our company offers apartments, as well as commercial, construction of the apartment building in the city of Batumi, 130 Bagrationi. . near the monument. The building will be located in the…

Our history

Alma Ltd. was established in 2016. A company involved in the construction. Alma Ltd. works closely with various companies, share their experiences in order to successfully implement it in its activities. Alma Ltd. strongly determines the validity of the company's principles. High quality of construction. High architectural value. Market research and detailed study of consumer…

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