Alma Ltd. was established in 2016. A company involved in the construction. Alma Ltd. works closely with various companies, share their experiences in order to successfully implement it.


Building, an apartment, which is convenient for customers to plan for every possible wish. Alma Ltd. strongly determines the validity of the company's principles.


Construction is carried out in accordance with modern technology, using high quality materials, qualified engineers and builders, building walls of waterproof materials.


The building project developed operations in accordance with the conditions of modern technology, in accordance with European standards of quality materials will be delivered.

Recent Works

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Alma Designs and Builds the World's Toughest Projects!

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Our services

Modern and high standard of service by qualified professionals


Commercial and residential buildings, garages.
Our company operates
Buyer adjusted to favorable payment system, which allows you to buy your dream house.

Commercial Space
The company offers
Commercial choice. During the acquisition of commercial space will be provided for the type of object is placed in the area, which is directly proportional to affect the price.

Our new project
So far, it boasts a two-level projects vented parking spaces. The parking lot at the entrance to the car-mounted washing system will store your car.